Why our maintenance and servicing is market leading

  1. We have a Mean Time Between Calls (MTBC) that is well above the industry average. Since we do such a great job on your products, you’ll call us out fewer times.
  2. We service and maintain the products that we install. So we are experts in servicing and maintaining them.
  3. We have direct supply to all spare parts.


24/7 ESG telephone service assistance which includes:

  • Attending to breakdowns, stoppages and other malfunctions as reported 24/7 across NSW, QLD, VIC, SA & ACT.
  • Repairing, amending, altering or replacing as appropriate, parts of the elevator equipment.
  • Ensuring that elevator machinery and controller room/enclosures, pits and internal surfaces are kept in a clean and tidy condition and reporting to the Customer the presence of any spillage or major rubbish dumping.


Our Comprehensive Maintenance contract covers the lift for all preventative maintenance visits, all emergency call outs both in normal working hours + after hours and all parts.

Why should you consider ESG as your only preferred service provider:

  • We are the original installer of your elevator and therefore know every part of your installation.
  • Our service technicians are trained and tested in house to ensure they can fix any problem right the first time
  • Our service technicians are on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure down times are kept to a minimum.
  • Our maintenance programs are tailored to site specific requirements with the right frequency to ensure your elevator’s reliability and performance. As a result this approach minimises downtime and reduces costs.
  • Our approach to service provides open lines of communication to ensure the right people are talking to each other at the right time.

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