--Welcome to Elevator Services Group


Our people, processes and products provide elevator solutions for the low to mid rise commercial, industrial, education, health, aged care and residential markets.

Our specialisation in this area means we have the infrastructure to provide you with excellent quality service and customer response times, at all times.

Our range of elevators include electrical traction drive elevators to the cost effective electro-hydraulic elevator alternatives.

Our QA certification to AS/NZS ISO 9001 is a reflection of how we do things which work rather than a mythical wish list of what we should be doing. In our recent successful triennial audit, our external auditors have commented on how comprehensive our system is, to the extent they say, that it surpasses the systems employed by other significantly larger companies.

It is not just a QA system, it is the way we work.

We have a dedication to our customers to give you what you need in a timely trouble free process that will bring you back.

We have a vested interest in your satisfaction.